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Pilot Physical Checklist:


  • Complete MedXpress Form #8500 »
  • Bring Photo ID
  • Bring glasses/contacts
  • If you’ve been issued a S.O.D.A. (Statement of Demonstrated Ability) for fixed deficiencies such as color blindness, please bring that with you.
  • If you have an AASI, bring the Special Issuance Letter from FAA with the required medical information as outlined in the letter
  • AASI – Special Issuance Resource »
  • Recent Surgery – Bring:
    • office notes, letter of release including any limitations, new medications, and follow-up plan from the treating physician
    • hospital records/discharge summary if hospitalized
    • the pathology report for surgery related to evaluation/diagnosis of malignancy such as prostate, skin, etc. including diagnostic biopsy of the lymph node.
  • Kidney Stone – FAA requires:

For stone episodes within 5 years of the flight exam, bring office notes and a letter of release from the treating physician, and a copy of the scan/x-ray after stone passage to document the presence/absence of other stones. If there are retained stones, a comment from the treating physician stating the likelihood of sudden incapacitation/attacks and follow-up plans.  Also, include results from metabolic workup if performed and treatment recommendations.

  • OSA – Follow AASI guidelines

For those WITH a diagnosis of OSA, bring the required information as outlined in the AASI letter you received from the FAA.

For those with a NEW diagnosis or NOT previously reported, bring:

  • Sleep study report
  • Letter from treating physician
  • One year of CPAP data report; this report should reflect 6 hours of use EACH night and 75% DAILY usage.

OSA guidelines can be reviewed at the following link »

  • ADD/ADHD, Anxiety and Depression Medications

** Typically requires a deferral to FAA for consideration **

The medications associated with these conditions are not allowed except for some of the SSRIs which can be approved by the FAA on a case-by-case basis.

Use of daily medications for asthma control requires a letter from a treating physician as well as Spirometry within 90 days of the exam, see CACI Conditions below for further information.

If within 2 years of the exam, FAA requires a letter of release & completion of Form 8500-7 by the treating physician